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Thanks for your interest in the Connecticut River Valley Golden Retriever Club.  Please take some time to check out this site and see what we are all about.  

Shows are back and we are all thrilled!!  There are improvements in some areas to be made due to the constant change of rules due to Covid-19 and I think everyone in the dog world understands this.  Things will continue to evolve, improve and get better-it just may take some patience and education.   


In the area of education, CRVGRC would like to remind all exhibitors that only the Official Photographer is allowed to take win photos.


“Official Photographer (Only the Official Photographer may take win pictures.)” This statement is on all Premium Lists and Judging Programs. 


Win photos consist of the dog, handler, judge and award.  These photos can be taken inside a ring, at the Photographer podium or elsewhere on the show grounds SOLELY by the Official Photographer.  It is also NOT acceptable to snap a cell phone photo of the win photo behind the Photographer and NOT acceptable to post on social media.  If you would like a “personal” win photo NOT utilizing the official Photographer find a nice spot on the show grounds and take a photo of the dog, handler and award. 


After you purchase your Official “Win” photo from the Photographer, you can share it with the world and enjoy the moment. 


Feel free to contact myself or Christine Valls – President of CRVGRC


Thank you,


Wendy Davis


This attractive Golden has been going around the internet with a lot of other unusual dog photos!! Who is he??? His name is Reece and he is owned by member Susan Kachinski!
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